Mudder Boots

incredible, go-anywhere boot

Mudder Boots

Mudder boots


Designed to stop you from sinking into mud, sand, snow and other soft surfaces. Mudders are light, fit to most footwear and are designed in such a way that the 'wings' remain closed until you step on soft terrain thus making it easy to also walk with them on firm ground. Mudders' rugged construction ensures many seasons of use while protecting your boots or waders. 

Mudder Boots

Mudders Are Indispensable For:

Duck Hunters



Clam Diggers



Fire and Rescue Teams

Military Personnel



Bird Watchers

mudders in Action

Space-Age Materials

Made of chemical-resistant, non-stick plastic. Built to take a beating.


Comfortable to wear. Easy to carry and stow. Ready to use in moment's notice.

Rigid Construction

Ensures many seasons of use while protecting your boots or waders.

Marshland Mobility

Simple, efficient engineering solution that provides radically new mobility, stability and movement on soft surfaces.

Unique Deisgn

Expandable wings effectively quadruple boot surface area. Reduces suction and ground force.


“One trip into the marsh convinced me...easily traveled over 3 miles, and never would have made it without the Mudders. I walked into areas I thought I would see only from the air."

Tim Peterson, Author and Sportsman


“I've worn them from Canada to the Gulf Coast in just about every conceivable condition, and they really work."

Bo Lusk, Hunter and Fisherman


“...Amazingly these things work exactly as advertised."

John Carlisle, Classic Adventures